Art Love Friend is proud to collaborate with Japhy the Wizened Chiweenie on this Japhabulous collection of wearable and decorative art inspired by him and his positive messages to humanity. Japhy the Wizened Chiweenie is a lovable four-pawed elder who offers words of wisdom to his two-legged living Earth companions. His innocent guidance comes through in various forms, including life coaching sessions, story telling, poetry, stand-up comedy, and pertinent news reporting. On occasion, he also delivers heartwarming renditions of classic inspirational songs. He is also well-loved and well-known for his unique, rambunctious laugh, “Teeeeee!”  50% of profits from sales of this collection goes to Japhy's Mom to continue Japhy's work. Visit Japhy's social media at:

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  • Instagram: @japhythewizenedchiweenie
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