♥ Positive messages to wear and share! ♥ 50% of our profits support peace, social justice, and environmental sustainability! ♥

About Us

Art Love Friend is a quirky, imaginative clothing, art and home goods brand created for peace-loving individuals who like to promote their vision of a better world for all to see. Our high concept, high quality designs are moderately priced and use an eco-friendly platform that creates each item to order. Art Love Friend contributes 50% of its profits to causes and organizations that support peace, social justice, and environmental sustainability around the world. We seek to be friends/partners with our collaborators, our customers, our community, and our biosphere. We aim to be a regionally recognized brand capitalizing on the sustained interest in Los Angeles, California as a place of artistic merit and innovative design. Our positive design and business practices promise to give customers an opportunity for self expression combined with a fun and meaningful shopping experience.

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